Reply To: Looking for recommendations: Best hotel in Bohinj?

    Frank Hudson
    The Hotel Bohinj seems like a great place to stay – especially with it being in the beautiful Triglav National Park! You won’t find a more perfect combination of comfort, service and access to outdoor adventures for your nature getaway anywhere else.

    If you’re looking at other places too, then maybe consider Hotel Xcaret Arte in Mexico. It’s known for its luxuriousness mixed with culture – which is what makes this destination so immersive! Also, there are usually Hotel Xcaret Arte coupons code available online for discounts on stays at this hotel or any other hotels near where you want to go.

    Each of them has their own setting that is breathtaking though they are both hotels that offer an experience of a lifetime. No matter if it is Slovenia or Mexico next time around, I guarantee memories will be made