Reply To: Fountain of youth

    Venkata Puppala
    A simple goal for most people is to live as long as possible, in as good health as possible. We can not change that we will age, but we have some control over how we age.

    People can learn how to improve their quality of life, handle adversities, and live a fulfilling and independent life.

    The goal of the collection of information in this forum on this website is to provide a list of factors that influence aging process and their sensitivity, i.e. how do they influence, how much do they influence, are they controllable, how long are they controllable, etc.

    Additionally, it also attempts to broaden insight into normal, age-related changes and illnesses that affect the physical and mental health of the older person.

    An ultimate goal is to help promote optimal aging, with an emphasis on integration of mind and body: mensana incorpore sano.