How can we assess the supply chain and logistics performance?

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    David Marton
    Assessing supply chain and logistics performance can be done by evaluating the following key metrics:

    1. Delivery accuracy: the percentage of deliveries that are made on time and complete.
    2. Lead time: the time taken from the placement of an order to its delivery.
    3. Inventory turnover: the rate at which inventory is sold and replaced.
    4. Freight cost: the cost of shipping goods from one place to another.
    5. Order fulfillment rate: the percentage of customer orders that are fulfilled on time and without errors.
    6. Carrier performance: the quality and reliability of transportation providers.
    7. Order cycle time: the time it takes from receiving a customer order to shipping the product.
    8. Warehouse utilization: the efficiency of using warehouse space to store and distribute products.

    By regularly tracking these metrics and using the data to identify areas for improvement, organizations can optimize their supply chain and logistics operations and improve their overall performance.Genex Logistics has more information on “Logistics Cost Meaning“.

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