How do you tell if ED is physical or mental?

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    roy davis
    Finding out if erectile dysfunction (ED) is mostly psychological or physical sometimes requires a thorough assessment by a medical practitioner. ED may be caused by both psychological and physical reasons, and often, a mix of the two may be present.Diabetes, heart disease, and neurological problems are examples of long-term medical illnesses that might impair blood flow, nerve function, or hormone balance, all of which can exacerbate ED.

    Erectile dysfunction may be impacted by the adverse effects of several drugs, including as antihypertensives, antidepressants, and treatments for prostate disorders.Hormone imbalances or low testosterone levels may contribute to ED.Blood flow to the penis may be impeded by blood vessel issues, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).Nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis might obstruct the nerve impulses necessary for getting and keeping an erection.Erection dysfunction may be impacted by pelvic trauma, injuries, or surgeries.

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